Founded in 1998 as Okinawa Capital, we quickly established ourselves as the premier global asset protection and investment organization founded on the ideals of self-reliance and sovereignty. We provide our advice on global investment strategies, diversification from the U.S. dollar, the establishment and operation of offshore bank accounts, asset protection trusts, international business corporations, private foundations, as well as practical safeguards for personal and financial privacy.

In 2014, we became an investment bank and refocused our efforts to prioritize Asian market-based investment opportunities such as commodities and natural resources, small- and mid-cap stocks, income-producing investments, option plays and deeply undervalued domestic and emerging market companies.

Today, as one of the fastest-growing trading houses of independent investment advice and trading desk expertise in the world, we have nearly 6,000 daily traders relying on our panel of experts and traders to safely and profitably grow wealth.

At Okinawa Capital, we are a network of global experts in asset protection, investing and entrepreneurship who have united together to help hardworking investors obtain the freedom of “total wealth” — the ability to make your own financial decisions, grow your wealth with less risk and be free from the financial concerns that plague so many of us.

As investors, it’s a sure bet we’ll get hit by financial hurricanes. It’s not a matter of “if,” but when.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, you really have only two choices when it comes to investing and asset protection. You can either go to a financial advisor who peddles his company’s plain-vanilla advice, charging you exorbitant fees every step of the way. Or you can invest on your own, without any help, and try to make sense of a topsy-turvy financial world on top of everything else you do. Neither choice is acceptable. Both are extremely dangerous.

That’s why, at Okinawa Capital, we offer you a third choice; a better way for you to protect and grow your wealth.

Our Values

  1. Build the team of experts
  2. Improve the ecosystem.
  3. Deliver client value first
  4. Learn and teach.
  5. Think inclusively.
  6. Do great work that supports a great life for our clients.

Our Business

Okinawa Capita’s core focus is to build a team of expert traders who are building sustainable clientele for the next 20 years and beyond. Our experts, on the team, are built around client-centric services, future-oriented technology, profit-oriented business models, and have access to justice and inclusion among their core values.

We give you the chance to tap into the minds of our esteemed experts and look over their shoulders, adopting the same strategies they’ve used to grow and protect their own wealth.

Our experts have managed hedge funds, traveled the world, counseled institutional managers and as well as world leaders. Our experts have written bestselling financial books. They have helped millions take control of their financial destiny. With backgrounds in technical analysis, business management and financial planning, we can help you achieve a higher level of financial success without unnecessary risk.

Our methods will often seem unconventional, even unorthodox, compared to the mainstream news and financial media, and that is because they are. We’ll reveal opportunities very few people even know exist, and that’s exactly what makes them so profitable. We are experts in alternative non-correlative assets. 

So, if you’re tired of the worthless platitudes parroted by the mainstream media, the conventional wisdom on Wall Street that fails to protect you when calamity strikes, the hidden fees, the failed promises — then congratulations.

You’ve come to the right place.

Who We Are

Okinawa Capital is one of the world’s premier fixed income investment managers.

Okinawa Capital introduced investors to a total return approach to fixed income investing. Okinawa Capital has continued to bring innovation and expertise to our partnership with clients seeking the best investment solutions. Today we have globe offices with an emphasis in SE Asia and 500 professionals united by a single purpose: creating opportunities for investors in every environment.

What We Believe In

Okinawa Capital partners with a wide range of institutions, including corporations, central banks, universities, endowments and foundations, and public and private pension and retirement plans. In addition, we work with financial advisors and thousands of individual investors pursuing personal financial goals, from preparing for retirement to funding higher education. Investing our clients’ assets is a tremendous responsibility, and for that reason there can be no shortcuts. We work relentlessly to help these investors reach their goals.


Okinawa Capital believes that performance starts with preparation. We conduct exhaustive research and analysis to continuously evaluate the world’s changing risks and opportunities, from broad economic trends to individual securities. Our aim is to deliver forward-looking solutions that maximize the possibilities for our clients.


There is no substitute for experience. Our distinctive top-down, bottom-up investment process has been tested in every market environment. That process is more than any one person – it is fundamental to our firm and will guide our efforts on behalf of our clients.


Okinawa Capital believes there is nothing more important than the partnership with our clients. Markets don’t stand still and neither do we, innovating to build solutions to meet investors’ evolving needs. We are invested in helping our clients achieve what they set out to accomplish.

Our Process

Our investment process has evolved over decades and been tested in virtually every market environment. It integrates insights from our Cyclical Econometric Model (CEM), which anticipate market and economic trends over the coming six to 12 months, and the annual Secular Long Term Forecast (SLTF) which projects trends over the coming three to five years.

These top-down views are complemented by bottom-up perspectives from specialists and quantitative analysis of individual securities and portfolio construction. The Investment Committee, which is composed of senior investment professionals, drives decision-making on a daily basis.

We’ll give you the extra support you need. We’ll be the pillars for your financial well-being, and with our expert research, you will set yourself up to survive and prosper, no matter what the invisible hand throws your way.

Welcome to Okinawa Capital. Together, we’ll help you achieve great things and set you on a path to discover the freedom of total wealth.

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